Monday, October 13, 2008

More Funding and Six Weeks in Paradise

It's been a while since I've posted here....but there's more than a few good reasons!

First, I'm currently on Maine's remote Westport Island at the prestigious MacNamara Foundation spending six weeks at an artist's residency program. It is a paradise. I can still hardly believe that I was selected for this opportunity: room & board, studio space, and time to create art! Above is a photo of the front of the renovated 9000 square foot, 1860s era Pennsylvania barn that was moved to the property. It is called "The Barn". The interior is exquisite. Original art is everywhere. The studio space (below) is central, open, and totally equipped for every artistic need. All this luxury, all these hours of uninterrupted work time, and spotty Internet connections make blogging a lower priority....but productivity has never been higher! I am, however, blogging about the work I'm creating on my personal blog: Check it out!

Second, I've been busy with CYBER FYBER seeking additional funding sources and am proud to announce that Leonard Long of Kiawah Development Partners in Charleston has come through with a check. Leonard Long probably wouldn't want me bragging about him. He hates anything remotely "ostentatious". Leonard is larger than life with a strong historic grounding, excellent tastes in everything, and he leads with strong professionalism and a clear, informed vision. I've had the privilege to frame for him and his "projects" (entire golf clubhouses, sales centers, schools, private residences, etc.) for over fifteen years. He is amazing. He loves art and artists. My best business efforts are always for Leonard Long. His support means the world to me.