Friday, February 29, 2008

LEAP DAY....and CYBER FYBER and I made the newspaper!

Earlier in the week, my friend Jeffrey Day, arts writer for The State Newspaper, sent me an email asking what I planned to do for Leap Day. I wrote back. He returned my message with a request for my age and a photo. I told him that I came from a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth...also known as 1959. I furnished a photo taken last summer by Stephen Chesley, my mentor and a great oil painter. I was painting out the rest of my heat-active paints on a long roll of white Kraft paper. I just posted the article on my "regular" blog, here.

One of the best things about this is the fact that the CYBER FYBER link works in the on-line version of the article and it is the first time CYBER FYBER has been mentioned in a public newspaper! I'm thrilled.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mail....and looking for MONEY!

The organization of the exhibition has required me to keep every trade I've received in its envelope, stacked in a now totally overflowing box. I'm still working on the three ring binder system in which everything will be placed, labeled, and numbered. There will be a photo of the postcard I traded with each one that I've received. Right now, our scanner is acting up and we might just pitch it for a newer, better model. In any event, Steve and I have opened each one in amazement and cannot wait to get prepared to take the next organizational set.

While the trading seems to be coming to a close, I'm just now really able to turn my attention to MONEY! That is FUNDING and GRANTS and writing a BUDGET. This is all a new world for me, but I've got lots of friends willing to help...some with loads of experience in the area. Just yesterday, I went to lunch with Fred Delk, the head of the Columbia Development Corporation and had a wonderful meeting about WiFi zones and Internet in the Vista area of Columbia, about grants, about possible corporate sponsorship...and generally "how things happen" in our city. Fred had already visited the CYBER FYBER site, was impressed, and is willing to help me.

Just before I was about to leave, the mail man arrived with a pile of envelopes from all over the world...CYBER FYBER trades. I didn't open a single one but put the entire bunch into a large bag and left. I also brought print outs of the site meters connected to these blogs, a list of the countries from where trades have happened, and several other "documents".

Fred was quite impressed with the site meter numbers, the countries, the response, but the envelopes made a far better impression. Since we were eating, we opened one...only one. Besides, I couldn't afford to let anything get mixed up before I am able to photograph, label, and place each trade into the right spot! So, one it was...Fred was from LuLu

Fred just couldn't believe this postcard and ATC! He turned both over and over again and again, raving about the detail, the beads and the quality of the stitching. If Fred Delk had any reservations before, they were swept away. I haven't photographed the card yet but it was based on one of my very favorite oil paintings by Abbott Thayer called Winged Angel Seated Upon a Rock. I've admired the original many times over the past several years where it hung in the grand hall of the Renwick while the Smithsonian's American Art Museum was being renovated. I've visited it since it moved back after the 2006 reopening. I love this image. Thank you LuLu!

(Above: Abbott Thayer's Winged Angel Seated Upon a Rock)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shifting Gears

The trading seems to be coming to a close. There are few ATCs left and fewer postcards. I am truly amazed. Trading only officially began just under three weeks ago. I am almost ready to start documenting each trade....major organizational plan is in place! There's pictures to be taken, labels to create, and three-ring binders to fill. So, I'm shifting gears from on-line trading to exhibition preparations.

I've got a meeting with the head of Downtown Columbia Development on Monday...a real "business lunch"....something that is a very, very rare occurrence! I saw this man at another meeting I attended last night. I didn't even have to start the conversation. He's looked at the CYBER FYBER site and is already impressed. I know his help is going to be invaluable.

I also met the editor of a slick, artsy new quarterly magazine called Undefined. It's a local publication using freelance writers. With any luck, I'm going to be connected with some young, energetic writer who will submit articles for publication. I subscribe to only two fiber related magazines: Fiberarts and American Craft. There website's have clear submission guidelines. However, I don't really know much about quilt magazines, craft magazines, or other publications that might be interested in an article about CYBER FYBER....especially magazines in, say, Great Britain and elsewhere in the English speaking world. I have no idea who or how to approach foreign magazines. I'd love to hear suggestions....hint, hint, hint!

I have other great news: The MacNamara Foundation has awarded me a six week residency in Maine starting in mid-September....uninterrupted creative time in a professional, studio environment! I am truly stunned. The timing is also such that I can easily take these six weeks without CYBER FYBER and still have everything in order for the exhibition in January.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I breezed in and out of the mammography unit at the doctor's office this morning. It was painless...just a bit uncomfortable. I'm cancer free and urge every woman to take the time for preventive screening. Together we can spread awareness and give support. Get your mammogram! Anyway, the speedy test left more time for CYBER FYBER trading and a few other artistic pieces of paperwork. I turned in my CD-ROM for the Verner Award Art sale. I've been fortune enough to have been selected for this event each year for the past six. I heard from my parents too. They've just returned from visiting my sister Wanda in Germany. Wanda is sick. She's in the hospital now with a severe case of bronchitis, on an IV and several antibiotics. She's not allow to speak, even in a whisper, and will spend three days under the hospital's care followed by a week recovery at home. Reinhard, Wanda's childhood sweetheart and now her "special" friend, is tending to her care. I've heard that wedding bells might be ringing soon. Wanda deserves a happy marriage, a wonderful husband, and a chance to recover...she's one of the invited artists for CYBER FYBER! Maybe there will be a honeymoon in the Carolinas next January...though my husband is hoping for a wedding in Radstadt, Austria followed by a sled riding reception!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm going to my studio!

If you are still waiting for me to trade with you or answer an email, please be patient. I'm actually going to my studio to work there on my own art....Don't worry! I haven't totally neglected my personal work. I've been hand stitching everyday....but I need to visit my machines. Tomorrow I'll be back to work on CYBER FYBER but not all day. I've got a mammogram....gotta do it....I'm old and the doctor insists.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Almost Caught Up!

For the first time in days I'm easily within twenty-four hours of answering messages addressed to CYBER FYBER. There are so many, many wonderful things that have happened...and I pray that I remember them all so that I can share each little MY MOM IS TRADING WITH ME! She actually thought she'd "cheat" and use my sister Wanda's blog! So, last night, my husband Steve and I created a brand new blog just for her! In fact, several new blogs have been created...just in order to trade with me. Now this is news that brings tears to my eyes while almost taking my breathe away! I do intend to post all these new places in a separate message soon.

Another fun thing that has happened since late last week is the fact that my husband Steve starts hanging around the front door in the early afternoon...looking for the mailman. He's beat me to him every day and acts like a kid on Christmas morning when we're opening the packages.

Right now, we're headed to see the National Symphony Orchestra...we're seriously late!

(Click on image to enlarge.)

PS The performance was wonderful. They started with Mozart's Magic Flute overture and ended with Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, which is a rather special piece to me. Two years ago I created a game board that mixed elements from Trivial Pursuit and Parcheesi to be shown at a local Philharmonic fund raiser. Technically, the game could be played...but even I don't remember enough to answer the questions and collect the portfolio of artwork required to win. For a finale they played part of Copland's Appalachian Spring that will be forever "Lord of the Dance" to me...fond childhood memories of church camp. Now, this is Martha Graham dance music...something I'll likely never see Mathias perform...but then they play Stars and Stripes and my mind was full of Balanchine choreography and grand pirouettes.

Tomorrow I promise a post on the EXCITING NEW DEVELOPMENTS for the INTERNATIONAL RANDOM ATC private emails to all those whose trades arrived today (and will arrive tomorrow). Oh, I have a meeting with the head of the Downtown Columbia Development Corporations to discuss making Gallery 80808 a WiFi zone...that's coming up in two weeks. Steve is starting the insurance issues. We're going to "race" to see who's the quickest to gain our goals!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Last night was WONDERFUL. When Steve and I arrived at the art reception we noticed that one of my smaller pieces was already labeled as having received a "Patron Purchase". As far as I was concerned, this made my evening. The food was incredible...mostly homemade and totally delicious...there was live music and lots of nice people. At about 8:00 PM the juror, Carrie Brown said a few words and the awards were presented. I WON ONE OF THREE FIRST PLACE PRIZES for In Box XXXIX! It was a total surprise and a high honor!

Today, I did get some framing work done but spent most of the day trading postcards, ATCs, and trying to work on CYBER FYBER. I'm still, if you haven't heard from me....please be patient. I'm now off to Florence, South Carolina again...for an evening in my "booth" followed by a day there as well...half a day and "break down" on Sunday. I'll be back to trading on Sunday morning and again on Monday.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


CYBER FYBER is trading wonderfully. There have been some very interesting email exchanges...some of which had me trying to remember a few words in German! How my admiration for bloggers using a second language has grown! There have also been several brand new blogs created. I plan on posting more about some of these special moments....but....there's trading to do first.

Also, SOME OF THE TRADES ARE ARRIVING HERE! This is SO exciting. Everything that has arrived has been carefully opened, marveled at, and put back into their envelopes. As soon as I can, I'll be photographing and documenting all of these items in their proper places and putting the pieces with their labeling information....everything absolutely will be labeled correctly next January for the exhibition! Lenna Andrews' was the first to arrive followed by Pam Snow's. My husband Steve is now really excited about all this too. He was always supportive...but now he's genuinely thrilled and generally beats me to the door when the mailman arrives.

I have to quit for the day. I'm off to an art reception for a juried show in Florence, South Carolina. I have two pieces in the exhibit....but there's more. This exhibit is part of a weekend arts event that includes a sale. It is the very first time that I've ever had a "booth" for my work in such an event. I can sell things tonight, tomorrow night, all day Saturday, and on Sunday afternoon. I'm also taking some hand stitching with me.

Oh, one more thing....many of the trades for CYBER FYBER have included a note that says, "This is my first trade ever". Guess what! CYBER FYBER is my first experience trading too. Now I know why so many people love this! Thank you to everyone that's trading...keep it coming...spread the word!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Twenty-four hours behind!

Please note...I'm not complaining...but...if you have requested a trade and haven't heard from me yet please just be patient. I'm approximately twenty-four hours behind! It's not that I'm slow but some of the trades are more difficult than others. Some requests are not followed up with a private email including a "real" I have to write a note asking for this. Also, I'm editing all the posts to reflect the trade and including links to the blog/website/profile/image account of each person with whom I'm trading. Of course, the system of trading requires labels...lots of order that next January's exhibition looks professional and everyone receives due credit. Then, of course, there's the actual envelopes to address, etc. If I only were doing this, I'd be more prompt...but I'm doing this while at work. I own the I can't really get in trouble with the boss...but clients keep coming in needing my attention! So, I'm going as quickly as I can...and meeting some really nice, totally interesting people along the way...and seeing some really incredible fiber work on the blogs I'm linking...and addressing envelopes to exotic places in Alaska, Cyprus, Spain, and the northern island of New Zealand, etc. I'll be at it again tomorrow! Thanks for your patience!

Monday, February 4, 2008


It's been a busy weekend. Trading is amazing. It is also a lot of work in order to keep everything organized and all "real" addresses private. I'm not complaining though because the first postcards and ATCs have already arrived. Soon, I'll start posting this....but I'm busy emailing people, addressing envelopes, and labeling everything very, very carefully! Steve posed with a handful of trades as he went to the post office earlier today! It's all very exciting. Thanks to everyone for your support.