Monday, July 7, 2008

Going to Manchester for a week!

This post is just a little notice for those who might be wondering about the status of a trade or the reason why an email might not be immediately answered. Steve and I are going to Manchester, England for a week. Mathias, our elder son, will be dancing peasant pas (this is a really big deal!) in Giselle and will also be appearing in the Stravinsky triple bill with Birmingham Royal Ballet. We are planning a day trip to Buxton and time in some of the local museums. We return on Tuesday, July 15!

Creating images of wonderful postcards!

(Click on image to enlarge)

Upper left: Postcard 10 by Jacque Davis, Illinois, USA
Lower left: Postcard 23 by Jane Howie of New Zealand
Upper right: Postcard 6 by Anne Marie Desaulniers of Canada
Middle right: Postcard 1 by Virginia Spiegel of Illinois, USA
Lower right: Postcard 12 by Karen Stiehl Osborn of Nebraska, USA

Thank goodness CYBER FYBER has a professional writer who understands the "ins and outs" of submitting articles for publication. It is lots more complicated than I ever imagined...especially since we're aiming for some impressive Fiberarts.

One does not just write an submits a synopsis with appropriate visuals (300 dpi, 5", Tif format) accompanied by writing samples and a resume! Then....if they like it... one is commissioned to write an article. This is professional, top notch, and....thankfully CYBER FYBER has just the writer to do this.

I created some of the "visuals". These seven images are NOT them....but they look EXACTLY like them....just in a smaller size and in a jpeg format! It was difficult to select which ones to photograph because each trade is simply wonderful. I worked quickly....just grabbing ones that looked good together....ones that I thought might reproduce in a magazine well. So, this is a "sneak preview" of some of the wonderful postcards.

Cross your fingers that an article is commissioned!

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Vertical on left: Postcard 72 by Donna Royer of Canada
Vertical on right: Postcard 30 by Susan Sawatzky of Washington State, USA
Center, top: Postcard 36 by Pat Thornhill of the United Kingdom
Center, middle: Postcard 75 by Caroline Commins of California, USA
Center, bottom: Postcard 46 by Judy Carpenter of Georgia, USA

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Vertical on left: Postcard 34 by Fannie Narte of Texas, USA
Vertical on right: Postcard 58 by Anne Jones of France
Center, top: Postcard 62 by Susan Devonport of the United Kingdom
Center, middle: Postcard 42 by Pearl Hamilton of Canada
Center, bottom: Postcard 68 by Nikki Wheeler of Washington State, USA

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Top, left: Postcard 79 by Linda Watts of Cyprus
Top, center: Postcard 48 by Fulvia Boriani Luciano of South Carolina, USA
Top, right: Postcard 49 by Yvonne Moxon of Scotland
Bottom, left: Postcard 44 by Myra Stuart of North Carolina, USA
Bottom, right: Postcard 70 by Annica Lindsten of Sweden

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Top, left: Postcard 91 by Barbara Bunchuk of Florida, USA
Top, center: Postcard 147 by Karen Christensen of Illinois, USA
Top, right: Postcard 113 by Nellie Durand of Tennesse, USA
Bottom, left: Postcard 84 by Juliane Lofquist-Birch of Illinois, USA
Bottom, right: Postcard 103 by Suzan Widecrantz of New Jersey, USA

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Top, left: Postcard 85 by Dagmar Kessler of Germany
Bottom, left: Postcard 121 by Val Foster of Colorado, USA
Middle: Postcard 101 by Hope Clinchot of Virginia, USA
Top, right: Postcard 100 by Cynthia St. Charles of Montana, USA
Bottom, right: Postcard 105 by Maggie Harris of the United Kingdom

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Top, left: Postcard 114 by Diane Lochala of Mississippi, USA
Bottom, left: Postcard 158 by Linda Stokes of Australia
Top, right: Postcard 124 by Carol Taylor of Wales
Center, right: Postcard 110 by Helen Suzanne Alexander of Scotland
Bottom, right: Postcard 127 by Jocelyn Goodger of New Zealand

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cindi Boiter wins award!

Cindi Boiter, the wonderful writer for CYBER FYBER, was just named as one of the winners of the prestigious 2008 South Carolina Fiction Project. The announcement included the following:

A resident of Chapin, Cynthia Boiter ("Shoes") is a six-time winner of the S.C. Fiction Project, a former fellow of the South Carolina Academy of Authors in both fiction and non-fiction, and the recipient of the Porter Fleming Award for fiction and the W. W. Norton 2008 Women on Writing first-prize winner. Her first Fiction Project winning story, "The Proposal," was included in the Hub City Writer's anthology, Inheritance, edited by Jeanette Turner Hospital. When she is not writing she teaches in the Women's and Gender Studies Program and the Department of Sociology at the University of South Carolina.