Friday, June 27, 2008


One of the important things the SC Arts Commission meeting suggested was that I encourage individuals and organizations to donate to CYBER FYBER. How one really does this, I don't know. Pay Pal was suggested....but....CYBER FYBER isn't an official it seems strange to me that individuals might donate as there's no way to provide paperwork for income tax purposes. Mouse House, my business, can already accept credit cards...without giving Pay Pal a percentage. The Cultural Council is willing to accept money for CYBER FYBER and issue a tax-receipt...but I wouldn't know if and when such a contribution is made...or when the funds would be handed over. Yet, Gail Vandenbout sent a contribution....directly...generously...without wanting a receipt...just giving from the heart. Since I've filled out a number of grant applications, there is great hope I'll get more funding....and the Vista Guild has given $1000. So....I've created a list on the CYBER FYBER pages acknowledging the funding I've received. Hopefully, the list will grow. If anyone wants to send any amount at all....your name or business will be added!

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