Monday, July 7, 2008

Creating images of wonderful postcards!

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Upper left: Postcard 10 by Jacque Davis, Illinois, USA
Lower left: Postcard 23 by Jane Howie of New Zealand
Upper right: Postcard 6 by Anne Marie Desaulniers of Canada
Middle right: Postcard 1 by Virginia Spiegel of Illinois, USA
Lower right: Postcard 12 by Karen Stiehl Osborn of Nebraska, USA

Thank goodness CYBER FYBER has a professional writer who understands the "ins and outs" of submitting articles for publication. It is lots more complicated than I ever imagined...especially since we're aiming for some impressive Fiberarts.

One does not just write an submits a synopsis with appropriate visuals (300 dpi, 5", Tif format) accompanied by writing samples and a resume! Then....if they like it... one is commissioned to write an article. This is professional, top notch, and....thankfully CYBER FYBER has just the writer to do this.

I created some of the "visuals". These seven images are NOT them....but they look EXACTLY like them....just in a smaller size and in a jpeg format! It was difficult to select which ones to photograph because each trade is simply wonderful. I worked quickly....just grabbing ones that looked good together....ones that I thought might reproduce in a magazine well. So, this is a "sneak preview" of some of the wonderful postcards.

Cross your fingers that an article is commissioned!

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Vertical on left: Postcard 72 by Donna Royer of Canada
Vertical on right: Postcard 30 by Susan Sawatzky of Washington State, USA
Center, top: Postcard 36 by Pat Thornhill of the United Kingdom
Center, middle: Postcard 75 by Caroline Commins of California, USA
Center, bottom: Postcard 46 by Judy Carpenter of Georgia, USA

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Vertical on left: Postcard 34 by Fannie Narte of Texas, USA
Vertical on right: Postcard 58 by Anne Jones of France
Center, top: Postcard 62 by Susan Devonport of the United Kingdom
Center, middle: Postcard 42 by Pearl Hamilton of Canada
Center, bottom: Postcard 68 by Nikki Wheeler of Washington State, USA

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Top, left: Postcard 79 by Linda Watts of Cyprus
Top, center: Postcard 48 by Fulvia Boriani Luciano of South Carolina, USA
Top, right: Postcard 49 by Yvonne Moxon of Scotland
Bottom, left: Postcard 44 by Myra Stuart of North Carolina, USA
Bottom, right: Postcard 70 by Annica Lindsten of Sweden

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Top, left: Postcard 91 by Barbara Bunchuk of Florida, USA
Top, center: Postcard 147 by Karen Christensen of Illinois, USA
Top, right: Postcard 113 by Nellie Durand of Tennesse, USA
Bottom, left: Postcard 84 by Juliane Lofquist-Birch of Illinois, USA
Bottom, right: Postcard 103 by Suzan Widecrantz of New Jersey, USA

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Top, left: Postcard 85 by Dagmar Kessler of Germany
Bottom, left: Postcard 121 by Val Foster of Colorado, USA
Middle: Postcard 101 by Hope Clinchot of Virginia, USA
Top, right: Postcard 100 by Cynthia St. Charles of Montana, USA
Bottom, right: Postcard 105 by Maggie Harris of the United Kingdom

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Top, left: Postcard 114 by Diane Lochala of Mississippi, USA
Bottom, left: Postcard 158 by Linda Stokes of Australia
Top, right: Postcard 124 by Carol Taylor of Wales
Center, right: Postcard 110 by Helen Suzanne Alexander of Scotland
Bottom, right: Postcard 127 by Jocelyn Goodger of New Zealand


Pat said...

I was so excited to see a picture of my card. I hope you don't mind but I have saved it because I lost the original picture along with everything else when my machine crashed.

Have a great time in Manchester.

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

ooooooh, what beautiful postcards all! so colorful and unique.