Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Sponsor!

Above is a photo of my dear friend Connie Williams. Connie is one of those wonderful, rare individuals who loves the arts and PUTS HER MONEY into it. She and her husband Carl have sponsored visual artists, art events, ballet, drama programs, and served on several arts organizations. Connie used to be on the board of directors at both the local Cultural Council and the South Carolina Arts Commission. Believe it or not, Connie and Carl celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary next year! I would likely be "swimming in money" for CYBER FYBER if I could promise that every donor would feel so good about giving that she'd end up looking as young and happy as Connie.....but.....maybe you will! Contribute and see....any amount will do!

I'll be attending the Swedish Embroidery Symposium starting TOMORROW....gone for a week where I'll be studying design under the renown Dutch fiber artist Tilleke Schwartz, meeting the other international teacher Sara Lechner, and meeting several cyber friends including the fabulous Annica! From the beginning of CYBER FYBER, I put this upcoming experience on my "wish list". If it hadn't been for blogging, I'd never have heard of this symposium. Because of blogging, I'm being met at the train station and helped even with accommodations in Stockholm! I plan on learning new approaches and conceptual ideas for stitch while asking some of the participants to send work for the CYBER FYBER invitational section of the exhibition. Obviously, travel and real life encounters are an important aspect of Internet I'm really excited about this benefit....mind, body, and soul!

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