Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Exhibition is Insured!

After several telephone calls, my darling husband managed to request/arrange/confirm a "rider" on our business insurance policy for Gallery 80808 during the month of January 2009! I am proud (an more than a bit relieved!) to announce THE EXHIBITION IS INSURED!

Tomorrow is my "big meeting". I've resisted opening the trades that have arrived yesterday and today. I'm taking these nice, internationally stamped envelopes with me. I plan to photograph and blog about the meeting and feature those in attendance opening my CYBER FYBER mail! Hopefully, this will cause such a sensation that funding will easily follow!


Doreen G said...

What a clever man you are married to Susan,,,,,Good luck tomorrow.

verobirdie said...

Good luck for the meeting!

arlee said...

Keeping my hoofies crossed for you, Blossom!
By the way, really want to see a close up of all the nails "installed"--sounds very intriguing with a french knot description.

Stewcat said...

Susan you're amazing! What a great partnership you and your husband have created.
I feel the excitement.

Nikki said...

Wonderful that the exhibit is insured, but I'm sure that my work is in better care in your hands than in my own.