Wednesday, March 12, 2008


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I hardly slept last night. Visions of my computer screen, of CYBER FYBER trading, postcards, and ATCs faded in and out of view, a twilight sort of restlessness...stress! I shouldn't have worried. I was quite prepared....packets of information that include site meter numbers, a working budget, a mission statement, my business cards, and a list of the countries (21) and states (36) involved.

I also brought two of the 3-ring binders full of traded postcards...quite impressive! Plus, I brought yesterday's unopened CYBER FYBER mail! Fred Delk, Executive Director of Columbia Development Corportation (on right), is opening Sharon Young's, envelope from the UK. Out popped an incredible postcard that she blogged about here. Andy Witt, Executive Director of the Cultural Council (left), is opening Helina Penttinen's envelope from Finland. Not only was there a beautifully stitched postcard, but there were four in exchange for ATC #130 and three for the International Random trading (scheduled for Saturday, January 17, 2009!) This was a perfect way for me to introduce this part of the event!

All in all, the meeting went well...despite the fact that three people weren't able to attend. Andy DeWitt has already written an email to solicit corporate sponsors and will be writing a grant. He also said I can apply for another grant as an individual artist. (I'll be doing it!) Fred Delk has a lead for possible in-kind help with the Internet needs. (Another meeting!)

From this meeting, I went on to talk to Deirdre Mardon. Deirdre has published seven novels, numerous story stories and was recently one of the 2006-07 South Carolina Fiction Project winners. She is also the director of the Congaree Vista Guild. She's pictured below opening Yarnpunk's envelope from Alaska. Inside was a postcard and ATC of complex texture and richness...quite impressive! Deirdre needs a statement and a brief presentation next month to her board of directors. No problem...another meeting...another sleepless night and a morning of excitement! I can handle it!

By the way, the envelopes were selected totally at random. Thank you Sharon, Helina, and Elizabeth (Yarnpunk!) for providing the dazzle for these meetings!


Doreen G said...

Susan I can feel the excitement from here you go girl.
Well done.

arlee said...

So exciting! I'm hoppin' up and down for you :} I can't say enough times how wonderful i think you are and what a fabulous coming together of factors for this show---YOU ROCK, BLOSSOM!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the exciting news! It is really special to be part of this.

Helina in Finland

MargaretR said...

I admire you very much for what you have taken on, it was an enourmous challenge, but I can see it's all going very well. Congrats!