Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Update!

The photos of the ATC are finished (except for a few that are still in the mail!). A video has been created! Each ATC is featured for approximately three seconds before fading into the next. The video runs for seven and a half minutes! That's because there's 163 ATCs! I'm working on a video...or maybe two...for the postcards. There's 276 of them! These videos will make their debut next a teaser for the on-line exhibition.

Here's my plan: I'm going to spend at least eight hours on Christmas Eve uploading all the images for the on-line exhibition. This is my Christmas gift to BLOGLAND! I hope everyone enjoys it! Merry Christmas! There will be additional videos and posts to cover the physical exhibition, Fiber Day, ATC Day, "stay tuned"!


Tricks said...

ooooh that's exciting, I can't wait to see all those lovely images, what a great Christmas Present to all of us. Thanks Tricia (From the UK)

arlee said...

What a lovely idea and perfect gift--thanks The Susan!

Pallas said...

Thank you for the the Christmas present. I look forward to seeing them.