Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My plan is going smoothly! I'm proud to announce that a new blog has been attached to CYBER FYBER! It is for the videos!

Currently, there are two videos available. One is for the ATCs and the other is for the Postcards! They are rather long....because there are lots of both! The ATC video is seven and a half minutes. The Postcard video is nearly thirteen minutes. I used Window Media Movie Maker to create these. The default for such a "slide show" presentation gives each image about four or five seconds. I had to manually drag each image to only two or three seconds in order to shorten these videos! The postcard video is about as long as Blogger can post. I'm pleased with this one....but I might remake the ATC one later....with different music, titles, and the few additional ATCs that are still arriving here in South Carolina.

I will be moving the video of Emmy's TAST fabric book to this blog soon. Also, I'm planning to create videos of the other books that will be part of the exhibition. Of course, I'll be making videos of the opening reception, Fiber Day, and ATC Day too!

I hope everyone enjoys these "teaser" videos. The on-line exhibition will be available on Christmas Day!

Happy Holidays!

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arlee said...

So lovely for those of us who can't come in person to the show--THANK YOU!!