Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Invitational Artwork Updated!

This is just a quick note to say that most of the work in the invitational section of CYBER FYBER has been uploaded. They are here. I am only expecting the work of one more artist!

This is also a note to say that a few of the ATCs and Postcards in the on-line exhibition are unfortunately not orientated the way the artists had intended. Please know that photographing, color/contrast/resizing/naming, uploading, and linking over 400 images is quite a task! If a card looked "okay"....it wasn't rotated. I actually think the presentation looks better with the vast majority of the trades being presented in a horizontal fashion. At the exhibition, most of the postcards will be shown horizontally; most of the ATCs will be shown vertically. They look great. They look really great in this presentation style. I hope too many feeling aren't hurt.

Also, when I first envisioned CYBER FYBER, I really didn't think about whether my own work would be part of the exhibition. I sort of thought that the artwork would "tell a story" of how Internet exposure has affected my work....not necessarily including my work. During the year, I applied for a grant from The Friends of Fiber Arts. At that time, I made the conscientious decision NOT to include my art in CYBER FYBER. This was one of the requirements for funding. The "curator" (me) was not to be part of the show. I was perfectly fine with this....especially if it meant getting funded. Only.....the grant was not approved. There was no good reason for me to withhold my fiber arts.

Gallery 80808/Vista Studios is a very, very large space. The main space measures 32' x 21'. The atrium is 18' x 18'.....and there is a very spacious entry hall, back hall, and another smaller hallway. Therefore.....I actually NEED my own work! So, I'm going to be including several of my Decision Portrait Series pieces...especially those depicting life altering decisions made by some of the fiber artists I've met over the Internet!


Karen said...

Susan, You have put together an amazing exhibition. Just the logistics of pulling together the number of works from all over the internet is astounding! Though it is disapointing that your grant did not happen I am glad that your work can now be included,as it should be, in this show. You deserve many thanks and high praises! Can't wait to see photos of it all when you post them!

Scrappy Cat said...

I'm glad your work will be exhibited - with all the work you've done, it really should be. I SO wish I could see it in person.

arlee said...

I'm sure that piece is mine---i'll send the tracking number!!!!!
Are you getting nervous yet? Or are you past that point?