Tuesday, January 6, 2009


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It was a lonely, hard job......but someone had to do it! That someone was the fabulous ELLEN KOCHANSKY, a world renown fiber artist from Pickens, South Carolina who's in the midst of a textile installation residency at 701 Columbia Center for the Arts. The solitary task was left to her.....pick one, only one, BEST OF SHOW postcard and one, only one, BEST OF SHOW ATC. I took nearly two hours....which isn't surprising at all considering the depth of talent and number from which to select.

In the end, Ellen selected the two winners and several "honorable mentions" (no "award" but a ribbon will be sent!). Videos were taken of Ellen naming these stitchers and giving her comments. I will post this after Saturday, Fiber Day at Gallery 80808/Vista Studio, when the official announcement will be made!

Ellen used little scraps of neon lime green paper to tag dozens she considered strongly....so don't confuse anything in this image as an indication of any final decision! This image was taken shortly after Ellen arrived....not anytime near the end!

By the way, Ellen saved all the scraps of paper for her future work!


Carol said...

It brings a lump to my throat that my card is in amongst those cards on that vast wall somewhere. It is so exciting an you deserve such praise and recognition. Thanks for including my card i te promotional work, I was bowled over. Best of luck with the show, I only wish I could hop over the pond and see it!

Karen said...

That is one heck of an undertaking. I would not want to try to pick out a best of show as I saw so very many many that I liked. Thank you for keeping us posted on the progress and I can hardly hold on for the photos to come!!

Cathy W said...

Oh my gosh! I had no idea there were to be more awards! Susan, you are truly amazing. It is truly an honor to be in the show with so many talented and international Fiber Artists! Thank you for the daily posts too -- almost as good as being there (almost, but I wish I really could pop in!)

Wanda said...

Such an honor to be among the cards! I surely wouldn't have wanted to judge them! Hats off to Ellen. And such a good idea with the neon green tags! Thank you so much for all our work and efforts Susan!

Lalhezar said...

I also had no idea that there would be awards. To think I got an honourable mention astounds me. I just want to say thank Susan for all your hard work and also thank you to Ellen for even noticing my ATC. Suzanne Clarke