Friday, January 16, 2009

Manning the CYBER FYBER exhibition

(Above: Ellen Meder, the lovely University of South Carolina college student who wrote an article about CYBER FYBER for the Daily Gamecock!)

(Above: Betyan Shaver and her family visited CYBER FYBER last Sunday. They are posing under her fabulous postcard # 8!)

(Above: Nellie Durand, the fabulous creator of Postcard # 113, and I together at the gallery....just yesterday! She's coming back today and we'll take more photos!)

Lots has been happening here at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios in Columbia, South Carolina where CYBER FYBER is on display. Every day people come to see the show! The publicity has brought all sorts of people who have never been to the gallery, looked as textiles as art, or heard of ATCs and postcards being traded. All sorts of local quilters, embroiderers, and other textile artists have also come.....most of whom I've never met. Thus....all sorts of wonderful new connection are being made and common interests are being shared! It's been exciting!


arlee said...

Oh i envy you for a lot of reasons :}
Wonderful to hear of the attendance!!!

Nellie's Needles said...

It's wonderful to actually be here to see the textures and details of the invited artists and Susan's art ... and to get to converse with her.

Arlee, I'm especially pleased to get to see your art up close and personal. Just wish I could talk to you, too.