Thursday, January 8, 2009


(Image above: Pam Freck's tatting shuttle styled business card.....picture composed like Brett Flashnick's image of Natalie Richard's ATC below! Brett is a photographic genius!)

Please scroll down and read the wonderful article that appeared in today's newspaper! I'm thrilled, of course! Yet, I have no earthly idea how tatting became part of the article! Had I been asked, I could have said that my Grandma Baker had three sets of pillowcases with elaborate tatted insets and trim. (I now proudly own them!) I could have said that I've tried smocking, cutwork, withdrawn embroidery, needle lace, and even knitting....all techniques I tried, didn't master, and don't currently consider doing ever again! But tatting? No, I've never done any tatting.

I know what tatting looks like; I admire it greatly; I'm familiar with tatting shuttles too. But....I still have never tried it.

So, I read the article in the newspaper, smiled, and figured that my friend Jeffrey Day simply embellished the article a bit. As an embroiderer, a little embellishment never bothers me!

By 11:00 AM I was in the gallery, ready to receive visitors. One of the first people to wander in was Pam Freck, past president or program director (I can't quite remember now!) of the Palmetto Tatters Guild! She came right away after reading that I tat! Wilma Black, a member of Logan Lap Quilters, Devine Quilters, and the Greater Columbia Quilters, joined us in my studio. (Image below: Pam on left; Wilma on right!) We had a lovely time sharing stories of stitches! What a wonderful world....when a little embellishment added a new fiber dimension to CYBER FYBER!

One of the stories we swapped was about the Artfull Bra Project done by the Quilters of South Carolina. Wilma created the Mardi Gras (Let the Good Times Roll) bra on page 2.


TattingChic said...

Very cool to see fellow tatters uniting! YAY! THREE CHEERS FOR TATTING!

Gina said...

You mean Pam couldn't coerce you into even trying it? LOL! Surely she did and you can say you tried it now!