Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shifting Gears

The trading seems to be coming to a close. There are few ATCs left and fewer postcards. I am truly amazed. Trading only officially began just under three weeks ago. I am almost ready to start documenting each trade....major organizational plan is in place! There's pictures to be taken, labels to create, and three-ring binders to fill. So, I'm shifting gears from on-line trading to exhibition preparations.

I've got a meeting with the head of Downtown Columbia Development on Monday...a real "business lunch"....something that is a very, very rare occurrence! I saw this man at another meeting I attended last night. I didn't even have to start the conversation. He's looked at the CYBER FYBER site and is already impressed. I know his help is going to be invaluable.

I also met the editor of a slick, artsy new quarterly magazine called Undefined. It's a local publication using freelance writers. With any luck, I'm going to be connected with some young, energetic writer who will submit articles for publication. I subscribe to only two fiber related magazines: Fiberarts and American Craft. There website's have clear submission guidelines. However, I don't really know much about quilt magazines, craft magazines, or other publications that might be interested in an article about CYBER FYBER....especially magazines in, say, Great Britain and elsewhere in the English speaking world. I have no idea who or how to approach foreign magazines. I'd love to hear suggestions....hint, hint, hint!

I have other great news: The MacNamara Foundation has awarded me a six week residency in Maine starting in mid-September....uninterrupted creative time in a professional, studio environment! I am truly stunned. The timing is also such that I can easily take these six weeks without CYBER FYBER and still have everything in order for the exhibition in January.


arlee said...

Ha, that explosion in the sky last night was you and luck--colliding and making fire--congrats, my girl!

Elizabeth said...

Susan !! I am so excited for you!! Have you ever been to Maine??? September wiill be absolutely a fabulous time of year to be there!! I love, love Love Maine!!!I have gone sailing on several Windjammers out of Camden Maine' one was a photography seminar!! Such fun and so very beautiful!! I could go on and on but I don't want to bore you!!


Candace said...

The whole concept of CYBER FYBER is inspiring to me. I really like being able to read your journal as you document the launch of this project. What a process!

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

Susan, definitely you should let Quilting Arts, Cloth Paper Scissors, and Quilt Mania know about the Cyber Fyber Exhibition. I love Quilt Mania and it's from England or France (I think). Good luck! Sounds like this is going to be BIG.