Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I breezed in and out of the mammography unit at the doctor's office this morning. It was painless...just a bit uncomfortable. I'm cancer free and urge every woman to take the time for preventive screening. Together we can spread awareness and give support. Get your mammogram! Anyway, the speedy test left more time for CYBER FYBER trading and a few other artistic pieces of paperwork. I turned in my CD-ROM for the Verner Award Art sale. I've been fortune enough to have been selected for this event each year for the past six. I heard from my parents too. They've just returned from visiting my sister Wanda in Germany. Wanda is sick. She's in the hospital now with a severe case of bronchitis, on an IV and several antibiotics. She's not allow to speak, even in a whisper, and will spend three days under the hospital's care followed by a week recovery at home. Reinhard, Wanda's childhood sweetheart and now her "special" friend, is tending to her care. I've heard that wedding bells might be ringing soon. Wanda deserves a happy marriage, a wonderful husband, and a chance to recover...she's one of the invited artists for CYBER FYBER! Maybe there will be a honeymoon in the Carolinas next January...though my husband is hoping for a wedding in Radstadt, Austria followed by a sled riding reception!

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