Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Almost Caught Up!

For the first time in days I'm easily within twenty-four hours of answering messages addressed to CYBER FYBER. There are so many, many wonderful things that have happened...and I pray that I remember them all so that I can share each little miracle....like MY MOM IS TRADING WITH ME! She actually thought she'd "cheat" and use my sister Wanda's blog! So, last night, my husband Steve and I created a brand new blog just for her! In fact, several new blogs have been created...just in order to trade with me. Now this is news that brings tears to my eyes while almost taking my breathe away! I do intend to post all these new places in a separate message soon.

Another fun thing that has happened since late last week is the fact that my husband Steve starts hanging around the front door in the early afternoon...looking for the mailman. He's beat me to him every day and acts like a kid on Christmas morning when we're opening the packages.

Right now, we're headed to see the National Symphony Orchestra...we're seriously late!

(Click on image to enlarge.)

PS The performance was wonderful. They started with Mozart's Magic Flute overture and ended with Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, which is a rather special piece to me. Two years ago I created a game board that mixed elements from Trivial Pursuit and Parcheesi to be shown at a local Philharmonic fund raiser. Technically, the game could be played...but even I don't remember enough to answer the questions and collect the portfolio of artwork required to win. For a finale they played part of Copland's Appalachian Spring that will be forever "Lord of the Dance" to me...fond childhood memories of church camp. Now, this is Martha Graham dance music...something I'll likely never see Mathias perform...but then they play Stars and Stripes and my mind was full of Balanchine choreography and grand pirouettes.

Tomorrow I promise a post on the EXCITING NEW DEVELOPMENTS for the INTERNATIONAL RANDOM ATC TRADE...plus private emails to all those whose trades arrived today (and will arrive tomorrow). Oh, I have a meeting with the head of the Downtown Columbia Development Corporations to discuss making Gallery 80808 a WiFi zone...that's coming up in two weeks. Steve is starting the insurance issues. We're going to "race" to see who's the quickest to gain our goals!


Doreen G said...

I had noticed that your Mum wanted to trade with you using Wanda's blog -and what a great idea to set her up with a blog of her own.

arlee said...

WOW it's going wildfire!!! WHoo HOO!!