Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mail....and looking for MONEY!

The organization of the exhibition has required me to keep every trade I've received in its envelope, stacked in a now totally overflowing box. I'm still working on the three ring binder system in which everything will be placed, labeled, and numbered. There will be a photo of the postcard I traded with each one that I've received. Right now, our scanner is acting up and we might just pitch it for a newer, better model. In any event, Steve and I have opened each one in amazement and cannot wait to get prepared to take the next organizational set.

While the trading seems to be coming to a close, I'm just now really able to turn my attention to MONEY! That is FUNDING and GRANTS and writing a BUDGET. This is all a new world for me, but I've got lots of friends willing to help...some with loads of experience in the area. Just yesterday, I went to lunch with Fred Delk, the head of the Columbia Development Corporation and had a wonderful meeting about WiFi zones and Internet in the Vista area of Columbia, about grants, about possible corporate sponsorship...and generally "how things happen" in our city. Fred had already visited the CYBER FYBER site, was impressed, and is willing to help me.

Just before I was about to leave, the mail man arrived with a pile of envelopes from all over the world...CYBER FYBER trades. I didn't open a single one but put the entire bunch into a large bag and left. I also brought print outs of the site meters connected to these blogs, a list of the countries from where trades have happened, and several other "documents".

Fred was quite impressed with the site meter numbers, the countries, the response, but the envelopes made a far better impression. Since we were eating, we opened one...only one. Besides, I couldn't afford to let anything get mixed up before I am able to photograph, label, and place each trade into the right spot! So, one it was...Fred selected...it was from LuLu

Fred just couldn't believe this postcard and ATC! He turned both over and over again and again, raving about the detail, the beads and the quality of the stitching. If Fred Delk had any reservations before, they were swept away. I haven't photographed the card yet but it was based on one of my very favorite oil paintings by Abbott Thayer called Winged Angel Seated Upon a Rock. I've admired the original many times over the past several years where it hung in the grand hall of the Renwick while the Smithsonian's American Art Museum was being renovated. I've visited it since it moved back after the 2006 reopening. I love this image. Thank you LuLu!

(Above: Abbott Thayer's Winged Angel Seated Upon a Rock)

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