Thursday, February 7, 2008


CYBER FYBER is trading wonderfully. There have been some very interesting email exchanges...some of which had me trying to remember a few words in German! How my admiration for bloggers using a second language has grown! There have also been several brand new blogs created. I plan on posting more about some of these special moments....but....there's trading to do first.

Also, SOME OF THE TRADES ARE ARRIVING HERE! This is SO exciting. Everything that has arrived has been carefully opened, marveled at, and put back into their envelopes. As soon as I can, I'll be photographing and documenting all of these items in their proper places and putting the pieces with their labeling information....everything absolutely will be labeled correctly next January for the exhibition! Lenna Andrews' was the first to arrive followed by Pam Snow's. My husband Steve is now really excited about all this too. He was always supportive...but now he's genuinely thrilled and generally beats me to the door when the mailman arrives.

I have to quit for the day. I'm off to an art reception for a juried show in Florence, South Carolina. I have two pieces in the exhibit....but there's more. This exhibit is part of a weekend arts event that includes a sale. It is the very first time that I've ever had a "booth" for my work in such an event. I can sell things tonight, tomorrow night, all day Saturday, and on Sunday afternoon. I'm also taking some hand stitching with me.

Oh, one more thing....many of the trades for CYBER FYBER have included a note that says, "This is my first trade ever". Guess what! CYBER FYBER is my first experience trading too. Now I know why so many people love this! Thank you to everyone that's trading...keep it coming...spread the word!

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Pam said...

So glad to hear that you received my postcard. I also received your email confirmation yesterday. Good luck with the show.

I will update my blog today.

Pam Snow