Monday, January 28, 2008

Acceptances and trading

All the personal messages have been sent to those on my "Wish List". There are only three more artists from whom I've not heard...but its been only about twenty-four hours! I'm nervous but thrilled to announce that Jacqueline de Jong, Arlee Barr, and Beate Knapp have accepted their invitations to exhibit.

Beate Knapp's acceptance has really touched my heart because it was made with a huge leap of faith. Although I speak some German, I cannot write adequately in German. Without understanding the fine details, Beate accepted anyway. Fortunately, I have a dear friend Britta Cruz who now lives in Chicago. Britta was born and raised in Germany, has lived in Spain (and speaks Spanish fluently), and now resides with an adopted daughter (3 years old) and newly born twins, Aiden and Mia. Britta is a great ceramicist who also spins, knits, and expresses herself with fibers. I emailed my letter, Beate's response, and the link to CYBER FYBER. Within a few hours, Britta was typing to Beate. Britta is also now trading a postcard, and I am absolutely thrilled at the idea of having Beate's wonderful work in the exhibition! This is just another wonderful way in which the Internet has formed a supportive, global community for fiber artists.

Britta also let me know that she has work in the newly published book by Pluckfluff

INTERTWINED: The Art of Handspun Yarn, Modern Patterns and Creative Spinning

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