Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thoughts over the weekend, Jan. 12 and 13, 2008

(Above: I can't stand the edges of the postcards and ATCs. They just won't zigzag perfectly...or at least I can't make them perfect. The corners aren't lovely. The layers show on the sides. Yet, Kate North told me that "anything goes", that means paint. I've painted the edges of almost every postcard and ATC I've created...filled in the corners...made them "pretty". Above and below are pictures of the pieces I made this weekend...drying outside my studio door.)

Last weekend I decided to make my idea for an exhibition a reality. I decided that I would mount an exhibition called CYBER FYBER. I booked the dates for the show and I started making postcards and ATCs for trade. Throughout the week I've had to spend most of every day at Mouse House, my business, framing pictures...but my mind has been on CYBER FYBER. Every spare moment was spent on the computer, creating these blogs and my "wish lists". My late afternoons were spent back in the studio...cutting up older work for even more postcards and ATCs. It's been invigorating.

Today and yesterday were glorious weekend hours...full days in my studio...making postcards and ATCs. There's nearly 100 postcards and about 70 ATCs now. About two dozen more postcards and four dozen more ATCs are just waiting to be edged. I pinned up row after row of them in the gallery and shot pictures...suggestions for the exhibition to come.

I posted a picture on my blog about painted Wonder Under (Bond-a-Web) if this was how I spent my time. Truthfully, it takes me about an hour to paint a bolt of Wonder Under and clean up the brushes. Honestly, I was just trying to maintain my blog while subtly showing off the fabulous gallery that will host CYBER FYBER. I was also thinking...thinking about the things I need to do.

I need to select a blogger I've regularly read that successfully and beautifully can contribute a piece showing last year's "Take a Stitch Tuesday" challenge. There was a blogger making a book of all 52 weeks...who was she? Can I find this again? Who should I can't be Sharon B's blog because I need to add her to the invitational show for her new design challenge. There is also at least one other person to invite...Doreen G. She exemplifies the best reason for reaching out to a cyber community...friendship.

Doreen reads my blog, comments regularly, writes personal messages of support. She responded immediately to my half-hearted post about the "possibility" of trading Christmas ornaments. She provided most of the physical addresses I needed in order to surprise other bloggers with my first (rather poor) attempt at making postcards...Christmas gifts. She sent me the only ATC (other than my own) that I currently own. She's agreed to proof read and help with CYBER FYBER. I don't think she's on the Fiber Arts Friends blogring....she's just a TRUE FRIEND, who happens to live half way around the world.

To change the subject, I've also been thinking about contracts. I'll need to revise one of the contracts I've signed in order to establish a professional relationship with the invited artists. I've been thinking of the things I'd like to see in this contract if I were being invited. Obviously, dates of the show, deadlines for sending the art, time table for return of the art, insurance, return postage arrangements, invitation allotments, publicity matters....this is going to be hard, but I'm going to try my best to make this the sort of show I'd be honored to be in. The biggest problem is insurance. I don't know if it is even possible, but I do know a prominent, local artist with an insurance agent for a husband (my life insurance agent). There must be a way...but will it be affordable? I'd like to pay for all return shipments...but this would depend upon funding. I will be seeking funding...but how can I say that I'll provide it if I can't get it covered? I don't know but I'll work on this...personally, one-on-one with the invited artists...if each one gives me a chance...if they don't laugh first and say "no". I wouldn't say "no"...but I'm a risk taker and "hungry" for opportunities, willing to try anything with even a slight chance at promoting my art. I just don't know how some of these better known, more important artists will take my invitation. I do know that I'll work hard for them...for us...afterall, I am going to be part of this!

That's about it for today....yes, this entry is an exercise in "stream-of-consciousness" writing...just typing out what comes to editing...sharing my concerns, my plans, my hopes....hoping that the words ring with the sincerity of my convictions. Thankfully, I type fast...really fast.

Oh, one more thing for the record...Penny Sisto emailed me. Now, this is the Internet in action. She doesn't even have a blog. She has a website. Her granddaughter dances ballet. Her daughter mentioned her fiber arts when I read the posts on Ballet Talk for Dancers. Of course, I looked her up. Of course, we communicated through emails. Of course I've checked out her new series of art quilts. Of course I put her on my "wish list" for the invitational artwork. Evidently, she noticed CYBER FYBER on her site's meter. She emailed me today....oh, the power of the Internet...oh, the reach of a supportive, global community.

(Above: The stack of postcards made on Saturday...after the painted edges dried on Sunday!)

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patty f said...

About the person who did the 52 art journals or postcards: that was Terri Stegmiller whose blog is stegart.blogspot. I hope you still need that info. She is absolutely wonderful!