Friday, January 11, 2008


While I was working in my studio, I began to think about how an exhibition like CYBER FYBER ought to be organized...and why people would come....and how I could best represent the effects of the Internet/blogging on my art...what the purpose of the exhibition was...and when the show ought to be held. Selecting the dates was the only easy thing.

The purpose became clearer and clearer...the purpose of this exhibition is to show viewers how access to the Internet can create a supportive, global community. By using me and my art as the example, viewers will see how such exposure changes a person, an artist, and might even change the viewer.

In order to best communicate this purpose, one thing became quite clear. I'd need Internet access during the exhibition. There will be at least two laptop computers available for viewer use...for viewers to post comments on the blogs of the participating artists. More than anything else, this will be FUN! Creating a cyber community is FUN! Viewers become participants. The purpose is met.

Next, the community I've established would need a physical presence...and the various aspects of this community as it applies to me would need physical definition. What does that mean? I'd need to show off work by as many cyber fiber friends as possible. I'd need to show specific reasons why this community is important to me and my work.

Well, the fiber postcard and fiber ATCs trades should certainly show off works of an international community of blogging fiber'll likely expand my community too! I didn't want to ask people to send something for nothing...hence, the trade! If this works well, I could need lots more fiber postcards and ATCs!

The trickier part, however, was showing specific examples/benefits of blogging. I had to think a long, long time because there are so many good examples, talented stitchers, fabulous pieces....and I know I couldn't include them all. This was going to have to be invited work. This was going to be hard...asking myself tough questions, picking some, not picking others. I'll never want to be a juror now. I've learned a lot of respect for those who curate, those who jury, and those who make these difficult decisions.

I've got my WISH LIST. I hope each artist says "yes". I am certainly willing to entertain other ideas!

WISH LIST (in no particular order)
Corrine Stubson, as an example of fiber books
Penny Sisto, an an example of finding a fiber artist through a non-fiber but computer communication (We are everywhere!)
Beate Knappe, as an example of an embellisher
Dijanne Cevaal, as an example of an international artist/curator and the first fiber blog I ever followed
Veleta of Sammy's Stuff, as an example of a beader
Jill Rumoshosky Werner, as an example of a conceptual fiber artist and communication from a former fiber forum
Nikki Wheeler, as an example of "inches" and "fabric paper"
Lynda Monk, as an example of a professional level student (City and Guilds) and writer of free on-line tutorials
Susan Sorrell, as an example of an Internet fiber instructor
Arlee Barr, as an example of a small group/RR organizer and how community is established in remote areas
Dale Rollerson, as an example of a supplier
Maggie Grey, as an example of a published author and for her close association with Valerie Campbell-Harding
Jacqueline de Jong, as an example of experimental techniques influencing work
Wanda Lenz, as an example of family communication

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corryna said...

How wonderful. I hope everyone will except your invitation. I saw this initiative on the blog of Cramzy.