Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting Started

The idea for this exhibition isn't entirely mine. It started with a conversation in my studio. Janet Kozachek, a mosaic artist from Orangeburg, suggested a show of artists that blog. The idea was a great start but too large for a single show. I asked her how she planned to focus such an exhibit. She wanted "good writers". That sounded funny to me. Too many of my favorite blogs are written in the author's second language, with help of an on-line translator that doesn't quite get all the words and doesn't understand all the grammar...but the content is still outstanding...and there are blogrings for writers. I said something like, "Janet, if I were you, I'd focus on either South Carolina artists who blog or mosaic artists that blog".

To the best of my knowledge, nothing ever developed after this conversation other than a seed sprouting in the back of my mind. I kept hearing that seed's voice, "What about fiber artists that blog?" By January, I knew I was going to take the idea forward. I knew I wanted an exhibit to show people how access to the Internet changed my art; created my supportive, global community; and how FUN it all is! I'd opened "Pandora's Box".... I was going to show the magically things inside. CYBER FYBER was about to be born.

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