Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Postcard system

This afternoon I continued uploading each postcard onto the postcard blog. I thought I'd share my "system". Each postcard is filed and labeled with the same number used on the postcard blog. So far, I've posted the first 65...halfway there. Now it's time for me to go to the studio and get some ART done!

I've fixed the site meters. I still have to add the three other people, including Doreen, to the invitational wish list. I also must create a connected blog for ATC Trading Day and the information for the international ATC random trade. So far, Robert Kennedy, Stephen Chesley, Sharon Licata, Pat Callahan and Jeff Donovan has agreed to create ATCs from Vista Studio to start the random trade off. They're the only ones I've seen to ask, so this is a positive response.

I'll start the ATCs photos when the postcards are done...but I still have about two dozen more postcards and four dozen more ATCs waiting for edging in my studio. There's so much to do...but it is also time to share this with Doreen...before it becomes overwhelming to proofread. I'm going to send her a message before I leave for the studio.

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