Monday, January 14, 2008

Creating the work

Doreen G. is one of the only people who know about my plans for Cyber Fyber. She and Jean Bourque have agreed to proofread and advise me along the way...helping to make this exhibition successful. I am very, very grateful. I sent Doreen this image the other day and thought I had about forty or so postcards. After this weekend, I thought I had almost 100 least 90. Well, I can't count.

Today, I photographed all the postcards individually, color & contrast corrected each one, reformatted and numbered each image and started to post them on the connected blog for the postcards....there are 130...roughly 30 to 40 more than I thought. There are also two dozen more waiting to be edged in my studio. I think this is quite adequate for now!

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