Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dale Rollerson and Sharon Boggon accept invitations to display!

There's just one more name on my "wish list" my dreams are nearly a complete reality! Dale Rollerson of The Thread Studio in Perth, Australia and the very famous Sharon B (Boggon) have accepted their invitations to display at CYBER FYBER. Of course, I will add to the invitational section of the exhibition after the August trip to Sweden. It is impossible to anticipate the best way to include art/artist(s) that show how an Internet relationship results in international travel before actually going!

Several weeks ago I planned to "officially" announce CYBER FYBER on Saturday, February 2. At the time, I didn't think I could get all the postcards and ATCs stitched, photographed, and uploaded before that time. I certainly didn't think as many invited artists would have agreed to participate. I thought I'd be pulling my hair out frantically trying to prepare for an Internet launch. Instead, I'm waiting. I'm ready. I'm eager for Saturday...though, admittedly, a bit nervous. It's an excited sort of nervousness I'm anxious to enjoy.


Doreen G said...

We are all sharing the excitement with you Susan

arlee said...

Susan, following your dream makes it come true! You've done a lot of hard work already, put yourself on the line for this, and i for one REALLy applaud you!