Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Acceptances and first trades!

Well...let's see...Nikki Wheeler accepted her invitation to participate in CYBER FYBER. Doreen Grey also accepted. That meant yesterday was a great day.

Dianne McGarth worked with me on the first fiber postcard trade and the first fiber ATC trade. They serve as an example. I took the first envelope to the post office and learned all about the costs of overseas shipping...information for ATC Trading Day and the International Random ATC Trade! That meant yesterday was a great day.

Corinne Stubson mentioned CYBER FYBER on her blog which resulted in a traded postcard with Dawn Sellers...before I got the starting day posted! Dawn provided some cool links to another fiber postcard group. That meant yesterday was a great day.

Before going to bed last night I checked the CYBER FYBER email...Dijanne Cevaal accepted my invitation. I hadn't even gotten up the courage to write to her yet! Now, that meant yesterday was a great day.

Today started out really well too. Peggy at Creative Sewing responded enthusiastically to my email about CYBER FYBER....hopefully, this means I'll have a business partner for Saturday, January 9, 2009, FIBER DAY!

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